Trampoline and Tumbling is the perfect coed program to teach your athlete safe, developmentally sound basics. We emphasize on core stability, body awareness, and self-confidence. This goal-oriented curriculum appropriately challenges its participants in a fun, energetic environment.

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Level 1: 

Students will learn the basics on trampoline, tumbling, double mini, and tumble track. Tumbling focus is on forwards and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, progressions of back handsprings. Trampoline focus is on arm positions, tuck, straddle, pike position, seat drop, back drop, and progressions of front flip, learning USA Gymnastics Level 1 & 2 trampoline routine. Double mini trampoline focus is on a combination of tumbling and trampoline skills – running and jumping onto the double mini and a basic dismount skills. All instruction is progressive for safety.

Level 2: 

This class is for students that have mastered the level 1 program and will be learning more advanced skills. Focus is on building progressions, combining variations and combination of skills previously learned, learning USA Gymnastics levels 1-3 routines. All instruction is progressive for safety.

Level 3: 

This class is for students that have mastered the level 2 program and working on more advanced skills, continues with strong basics, and building on the progressions previously learned. Continuing progressions with front tucks, back tucks, multiple back handsprings, combining round off back handspring, and USA Gymnastics levels 4-5 routines. All instruction is progressive for safety.

Shooting Stars: 

This program is by invitation only and is designed to prepare athletes for competition. Not only will the athlete learn the skills and routines for levels 4 & up. They will also learn proper technique for trampoline & tumbling competitions and good sportsmanship. These athletes will be evaluated by our team coached and if they have the required skills, work ethic, and team spirit; may be placed on our competitive team.

Tumbling Class: 

Our tumbling class is for ages 10 & up and focus on basic tumbling skills (cartwheels, round off, back handspring) to advanced tumbling skills (back tucks, standing tumbling, and twisting). This class will benefit them in cheer or gymnastics.

Level 1/2

 Boys - Tight fitting/ Compression shirt, shorts that aren't too long or baggy, Socks required for Trampoline.


This the second level of our T&T program. They will work 1.5-3 hours per week on more advanced skills, form and start routines on all disciplines.

Girls - Leotards required, no two-piece, no jeans or other outside clothes. Socks required for Trampoline.


This program begins with young athlete’s ages 5 or 6 (Kindergarten) and up. They will work 1-2 hours per week on basic skills on the trampoline, double mini trampoline, and power tumbling floor.