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Competitive Gymnastics

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USA Gymnastics levels are truly designed to help young athletes develop strong basic skills to give them the strength and technical skills they need to progress to higher levels in a safe manner.

Compulsory Levels 2-5: 10-13 hours/week

Compulsory gymnast perform the same routine at competitions on the skills in each routine progress in difficulty as they progress through levels 2-5.

At The Flip Shop, our compulsory team begins at Level 2 and are generally between the ages of 5-8 years old. Athletes are selected from our Shooting Stars Pre-Team based on recommendations from coaches, strength, flexibility and the desire to learn with the chance to compete.

The season for compulsory level gymnastics in Missouri begins in October and end in March with State Championships.

Optional Levels 6-10: 15-17 hours/week

Starting at level 6 by using what the athlete learned on the compulsory levels they built the skills and mind set for optional team. Athletes perform routines choreographed for each athlete. The season for this level begins in October and concludes in May with State, Regional, and National Championships.

Our athletes compete mainly in Missouri but also attend meets in Arkansas and Texas.

We truly look forward to what is in store for our very talented athletes. The future is looking bright as these athletes continue to improve and move to bigger and better skills and levels.

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