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Competitive Cheerleading is an organization of athletes who are very devoted to cheering. The routines are 2 minutes & 30 seconds and are JAM packed. Competitive cheer consists of tumbling, dancing, motions, stunting, and jumping. it is a very competitive sport. These girls & boys put their heart and souls into winning and making it to the top.

What is Competitive Cheerleading?

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When joining The Flip Shop Competitive Cheer program, you are becoming a part of our family. Each athlete is a vital part of our program. Our athletes learn discipline, dedication, commitment, and teamwork. Our cheer program incorporates the perfect combination of hard work and fun. Our coaches partner with each athlete as they work to build strength, confidence, and good sportsmanship. They also learn to set and reach individual and team goals while developing values that will last a lifetime!

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